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Best quality handmade papers for us and for people like us.

vpco crown handmade paper


Vintage Paper Co are extremely passionate about and knowledgeable about paper - after all it's where our professional adventures began all those years ago and it's still absolutely key to who we are and what we do.

What is VPCo Crown Handmade?

It's a range of versatile, premium quality, affordable, European handmade paper for printmaking, bookbinding, drawing and painting.

All VPCo Crown papers are handmade from a 60/40 blend of cotton and linen rag which offers strength, robustness, dimensional stability, sheet-to-sheet consistency and character. The papers are internally sized with aquapel (AKD dimer); the watercolour papers are additionally surface sized with a choice of starch or gelatine. 

Most importantly it has the properties that we admire in papers made during the golden age of British papermaking by manufacturers such as J Whatman and Barcham Green. If you've ever had the pleasure of using any of these then you'll know what we're saying.

Why we had to make VPCo CROWN HANDMADE

This is a product born out of absolute necessity.

As pattern printers and bookbinders we've been unable to find a range of off-the-shelf, consistently good quality, affordable European handmade paper that does everything we want it to do and believe us, we've tried virtually every paper there is. 

Letterpress on VPCo Crown Handmade Soft White used as a cover material

For us, the quality of paper is the most important element in printing, bookbinding, drawing and painting. Experience tells us that bad paper just gets in the way of doing a good job; good paper makes it easy. If you have to compromise at the start of a project everything that comes after is compromised. 

There are some magnificent British, American and European handmade papers available from a few brilliant makers whose work we adore. For very small projects they're always brilliant but in the way we work, using hundreds of sheets for our projects, especially as pages in books and for printing covers using them just isn't viable.

Marbling on VPCO Crown Handmade paper

This is why we made a massive investment and developed our own paper- we call it VPCo Crown Handmade; it's made for print, bookbinding, drawing and painting.

We feel we've acheived this and we're very proud to present VPCo Crown handmade papers.  


VPCo Crown Book is a text weight handmade paper for drawing (inks and pencil) and for the traditional printmaking processes including letterpress and screen printing. It is also an excellent bookbinding paper specifically for use as endpapers, pages and printed covers. 

We are currently trialling it for digital print, cyanotype and marbling. 

Crown Book is available with both laid (verge) and wove (velin) surfaces and in two colours; white and ivory.

Both surfaces are smooth and each sheet has four tight natural deckled edges. Being handmade there is no grain direction giving it maximum versatility for use in the book arts.

VPCo Crown Edition is a vintage white 220gsm (heavyweight) smooth surfaced handmade paper for print and drawing. A soft white version will be available very soon.

Watermarks - "VPCo" & "Handmade". Papers made with high linen content also have an "L" watermark.

vpco crown handmade paper

All VPCO Crown papers are acid-free; made using a blend of cotton (60%) and linen (40%) to give the best combination of softness, strength and performance.