Bone Folder - Teflon

Bone Folder - Teflon

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Teflon Bone Folders are brilliant for anyone who works with paper. These days at VPCo we use nothing else.

These are sturdy, strong, versatile tools for anyone who works with paper such as bookbinding, printmaking, artists, conservators, packaging and graphic design etc. 


  • Teflon is a non-stick material. Inks, paints and adhesives will not stick to these folders.
  • Super sturdy - Will not break or chip if dropped. In fact these are (almost) unbreakable.
  • Animal friendly - there are no animal materials used to make these.
  • Non-burnishing - will not leave burnish marks on the material you are working on. 
  • Versatile - use these on everything from the lightest weight Japanese paper to super heavyweight watercolour paper, card stock, leather and cloths. 
  • Long life - Heat resistant, chemically inert, non-corrosive and non-contaminating. 

Teflon® or PTFE, offers a number of benefits over bone and plastic. As much as we like traditional bone folders they can be brittle and therefore damaged if dropped on a hard surface. Teflon Folders will not chip or snap if dropped on a floor and they won't wear out. 

A traditional bone folder is carved from real animal bone, normally cow bone and they're wonderful things, so handy. However they have a tendency to leave burnish marks on paper. So when you're rubbing down a crease this means it can make that area shinier than the rest of the paper.

Our Teflon Folders are manufactured from premium quality PTFE and have the same non-stick properties as other Teflon products. The PTFE material used in our folders is certified by the FDA and RoHS. We use Grade A, 100% virgin material and the content is 99%+ PTFE. 

Non PTFE plastic folders do not have the same qualities as these, they can damage the material being worked on and often disintegrate quickly due to the poor quality of material used. 


Traditional - 160mm, 6 1/4 inch 

T-Rib - 100mm, 4 inch


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