Writing Journal ☰15
Writing Journal ☰15
Writing Journal ☰15

Writing Journal ☰15

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WRITE YOUR OWN STORY in a beautiful, one-off journal, handmade in Scotland with a unique combination of hand printed paper covers, vellum spines and vellum corners. 

Inside are 224 pages of lined/ruled pages made with Italian paper for all types of pens and pencil.

The perfect little book for making notes and recording ideas before they're lost.

Writing Journals offer about as much strength and flexibility as you will ever need thanks to the quality of materials used in creating these. Even with rigorous handling these should withstand day to day use for much longer than it takes to fill them with your writings.

COVER PRINT - Blue Chequers over Red Stripes

Made using a print from a short run of six, this has been made on antique linen rag English text printed paper from The History of England, Vol II, Book XXIII, published in the early 1700s.

ALPS: Blue Chequers over Red Stripes

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This is a handmade, relief printed patterned paper made from two hand carved lino blocks.

SPINE - Vellum/parchment with a hand printed "Vintage Floral" pattern.

We treat vellum as if it's paper and use it as a print surface on which we make beautiful patterns on our early 1900s printing press. 

Relief printing a pattern on antique vellum parchment

Relief printing a pattern on antique vellum parchment

Goatskin vellum (aka parchment) is an ancient type of paper-like leather. The forerunner to paper, it was used in ancient times for writing religious texts and the most important books.

Vellum boasts the type of a beautiful warm translucency only found in natural materials. It offers super strength and flexibility - the perfect material for a spine. 

CORNERS - Vellum/parchment with a hand printed "Vintage Floral" pattern.

Taken from the same piece of vellum used for the spine

These corners not only look great but they offer protection for the most vulnerable part of the book when it's being handled, put on a shelf or being transported around with you in your bag or backpack. 

FOREDGES - Hand painted metallic gold

Foredges are the part of the bookblock (the papery part inside the book) you can see when the book is closed. 

They tend to be plain but they can be decorated too. This book has decorated foredges, painted in shiny metallic gold drawing ink. 

Painted foredge

WARNING! What you need to know about painted foredges!

Ink is sticky. This means that when you receive this book some pages are likely to be slightly stuck together and will need to be peeled apart carefully to access each new page so when you open a fresh page please be careful.  If you're in a hurry this could be inconvenient and frustrating, but we find it strangely satisfying. Also, it looks awesome! 

PAPER INSIDE - A creamy-white, smooth, acid-free Italian paper, perfect for inks and pencil. 

Every page is lined/ruled for writing with 224 pages of ruled/lines paper for writing.

SIZE - The perfect size for a jacket pocket and not taking up to too much room in a a bag or backpack.

properly made writing journal

This book measures 6¾ x 5 inches, 170 x 125mm, easy to hold in the hand, gig enough to easilt write in.

FINISHING - When we've finished putting the book together, there's one final process.

We varnish the paper covers and vellum/parchment spine and corners with a bookbinding juice called glair, not only once but twice!

Glair is a shellac based liquid often used in bookbinding as an adhesive for gold tooling and gilding but in this instance we use it as a varnish. It not only slightly ages the surface, calming down whiteness in new materials and adding a sheen all over but it also adds a little bit of protection to the covering materials during handling and transportation. 

  • Blank paper pages
  • Hand printed paper covers
  • Painted foredges
  • Vellum Parchment spine
  • Vellum Parchment corners
  • Varnished for protection

Thanks to the combination of handmade and hand printed materials we use, every book we make is a unique one-off.