VPCo Studio Book - Vintage White 220gsm
VPCo Studio Book - Vintage White 220gsm
VPCo Studio Book - Vintage White 220gsm

VPCo Studio Book - Vintage White 220gsm

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A simple soft cover leather sketchbook filled with VPCo Handmade Paper.

Contains 64 pages of:

VPCo Crown Edition Handmade Vintage White paper

The paper inside this book is premium quality VPCo Crown Edition Handmade paper, our in-house paper developed for printmaking and bookbinding. 

VPCo Crown Edition is handmade, acid-free, internally sized with Aquapel and made with a 60/40 blend of cotton and linen.

This combination of fibre offers these papers a soft feeling surface but with incredible flexibility, strength and robustness. You can push this paper to limits not often found in other papers. 

VPCo Paper has superior dimensional stability when compared to machine or mould made paper whilst offering that unique traditional, old-school character so often lacking in mechanically produced paper. 

Available in soft white and vintage white with smooth laid and wove surfaces. VPCo Crown Handmade is designed for printmaking, drawing and bookbinding. 

For use with oil pastels, Conte, watercolour brush pens, graphite, pencil, pen and inks, chalk and charcoal.


The paper inside this book is the star!

Made for every day use in the studio and out in the field, these are hand sewn single section books covered with a very strong full grain cow leather. 

The simple, no frills construction allows the book to open flat. Each book has hand printed VPCo letterpress endpapers. 

Closed Size:  8 ½ x 6 inches, 21 ½ x 15 cm (approx)

Opened Size:  12 x 8 ½, 30 x 21 ½ cm (approx)

Page Count: 64 pages

Paper Inside: VPCo Handmade Edition Vintage White 220gsm

Cover: Embossed metallic bronze thick cow leather