Prints - VPCo

VPCo Prints are made on an early 1900s, fully hand operated Gem proofing press.

The designs and patterns are copies of, or inspired by period patterns from Europe and Japan.

KATAGAMI are antique Japanese paper stencils from the 1800s which were used to apply patterns onto kimono and scarf material using indigo and other natural dyes. 

VPCo owns a huge collection of Katagami stencils which we use to create cyanotype copies or letterpress printing plates to make new prints of traditional Japanese designs and patterns.

We often use two and three step processes to complete a print including painting the surface of the papers with inks and natural dyes multiple times until the desired depth of colour is acheived.

VPCo Press prints can be used for bookbinding, interior design, picture framing and the general paper crafts.

The majority of our prints are made on VPCo Handmade Paper.