Orkney Vole Skin Books

An homage to the early Parisian notebooks of the 1920s and 30s, the Orkney Vole Skin (OVS) bindings are a practical and affordable range of utilitarian books for everyday writing and drawing.

PLEASE NOTE - These are NOT made from actual vole skin, it's simply a cheeky nod to the Moleskin brand we've shamelessly copied! 

We have no electrical or mechanised bookbinding machines in our workshop, everything we do is done by hand, from beginning to end. We tried to make these OVS books by hand but we couldn't find a way where we could make and sell them at an everyday price and so, on this occasion, we had to outsource the work to people who have machines capable of taking on most of the tasks required to manufacture these books.  

Each one of these books features an elastic closure, a ribbon bookmark and an expandable pocket inside the rear cover.

The paper inside the travel journal is suitable for inks and pencils, the watercolour paper in the sketch book can take wet media as well as inks, pencil, pastels etc.  


A characterful and beloved symbol of our home, the Orkney Vole is found in the Orkney Islands off the northern coast of Scotland. Orkney, absent from the rest of the British Isles. 

 Plus also, you know!