FANCY: Blue Wallpaper
FANCY: Blue Wallpaper
FANCY: Blue Wallpaper

FANCY: Blue Wallpaper

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A repeat pattern made from an antique wallpaper wood block.

Size: 23 x 15 inches, 585 x 380 mm (approx)

Print: Block printed repeat made on laid paper

Made By: J&J Jeffery

Suitable for bookbinding, box covering and lining, picture framing, interior design projects, furniture and the general paper crafts.

Info: This print has 3 patterns - behind the large pattern sits a feint floral design in light blue.

The earliest wallpaper was made on single sheets of paper pasted in tiles on a wall. Long rolls of paper (traditionally called "long elephant" were not available until the advent of machine made paper in the mid 19th century. 

This particular print is made using the pattern from an early hand carved wood block, the borders in black made with a contemporarily made lino stamp. 

This paper can be used as wallpaper however you should be aware that the registration is not absolutely machine perfect meaning that the repeats will not line up 100%.