A one-off range of experimental hand printed drinks coasters.

An experiment for us in production techniques. We stood at the workbench for a week and made some (seemingly) simple homewares using our hand printed papers, metallic gilt paint, leather, birch, glue and a scalpel.  

The conclusion was that it's possible but at what price? With the painting, shaping, cutting, drying, burnishing, varnishing, pressing etc; time soon adds up!

Due to the various time hungry processes, we offer these as what will most likely not be an ongoing product range.

Most of the sets of 4 coasters have gilt painted edges

All of the coasters are lined with either brown or red cowhide

Handmade in our workshop in Stromness, our drinks coasters are made with hand printed papers mounted on birch ply and backed with furniture grade, thick leather.

hand printed drinks coasters from VPCo

The sets of coasters are made from a single sheet of hand printed paper. Most of them, with the exception of Lear and Lang, can be put together to create the original print. 

Each coaster is sealed with yacht varnish to help protect the surface print and make wiping them clean simple. 

The coasters are available in singles or sets of 4 or 6.