VPCo: Vintage Floral Gold & Olive

VPCo: Vintage Floral Gold & Olive

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18th century style floral print.

Size: 18¼ x 11¼ inches, 460 x 290 mm

Print: Gold relief ink over a paste painted olive background

Paper: VPCo Handmade Paper; 120gsm, 60% cotton 40% linen, acid-free, no grain direction.

Press: Early 1900s Gem Proof Press

Made By: William McCracken

Suitable for bookbinding, box covering and lining, picture framing, furniture and the general paper crafts.

Our Tip: Great for books and boxes of all sizes

Our printing process is done entirely by hand. This means that there may be slight variances from sheet to sheet including "salting" which is where the print may have very slightly patchy areas.