Guides & Instructions

Given the specialist nature of our bookbinding and paper repair products we have produced a small series of guides to help you work with the materials available in our shop. 


How to make a simple book. 

This photo tutorial shows you how to bind a simple, single section pamphlet style book using A4 paper. 

 We also like this simple bookbinding exercise 


How to thread a bookbinding needle with bookbinding thread. 

There's a special way to thread a bookbinding needle with bookbinding thread that differs from normal and this guide shows you how to do this. 



How to repair torn paper using our P Tape. 

'P' tape is an archival, very lightweight, self-adhesive repair tape used in libraries and museums around the world. It's used to repair holes and rips in papers and book pages and is available in 3 widths; 13, 20 and 40mm. 

 Using P-Tape to mend a tear in paper

How to repair a book spine with T Tape.

T Tape is a very popular material to mend damaged books. It's a cloth tape which is available in a range of colours and widths. Like all of our tapes it's self-adhesive and acid-free and very simple to use. 

How to mend a book with T Tape