Vellum Parchment

Parchment and vellum are both types of writing surfaces made from animal skin. Vellum specifically refers to fine parchment made from calf skin, while parchment generally refers to any writing material made from animal skin, often from sheep, goat, or calf.

The process of making parchment or vellum involves cleaning the animal skin, soaking it in water or lime, and then stretching it while it dries to create a smooth and durable surface suitable for writing or printing. These materials were widely used for manuscripts, legal documents, and artwork before the invention of paper. 

Our watercolour/callligraphy vellum has been sanded and polished to an extemely smooth finish making it perfect for paints and inks.

Parchment and vellum have qualities that make them highly valued for writing and preserving documents. They are durable, long-lasting, and can withstand aging better than paper, which is one reason why many historical documents have been preserved on parchment or vellum for centuries.

In modern times, parchment and vellum are still used in som specialised applications, such as the creation of art and the preservation of important records. However, due to the expense nad labour intensive nature of producing these materials, they are not as comonly used as they once were. Nevertheless, they remain prized for their beauty, durability, and connection to the rich traditions of writing and craftsmanship.