Tin Box Books


Handmade books in a tin box.

These simple books are covered with a heavyweight sheet of hand printed flax & linen paper which lends a well-worn, vintage look.

tin box books

A sturdy tin hinged-lid box

The boxes are lined on the inner base and lid with an embossed Vintage Floral pattern VPCo Press paper in smoke grey.

An embossed cotton rag paper lift-out tab to help remove the book from the box.

We supply a VPCo Pen housed in a cylindrical pen tube and a VPCo Linen Book Tote Bag (not shown but very lovely!) with each Tin Box Book.

COVER: Handmade print on flax & linen rag heavyweight handmade paper

PAPER: 62 pages (124 sides), 120 gsm Zerkall Wavy Laid

BOX: Hinged lid tin lined with handmade embossed printed paper

£60 including free worldwide delivery