Design Classics

A series of handmade books covered in classic Italian reproduction prints and papers published in England by the Curwen Press or republished later by Judd Street Gallery. 

The Curwen Press, a near legendary source of printed papers published repeat pattern decorative papers from a host of artists working in the early 20th century which included Paul Nash, Elizabeth Friedlander and Edward Bawden and many others.

Some of the unavailable or out of print Curwen works were subsequently reprinted (screen printed) by the Judd Street Gallery.

These particular bindings have been made by Ursula Jeakins, a bookbinder who's work we greatly admire for her attention to detail and quality of production. In this field it really is second to none.     

The pages in all of these are made with a classic 130gsm smooth cartridge which is suitable to pen and pencil.

There are two types of book here; portrait and landscape which are identified in the photos by the orientation of the label. 


Size - 205 x 125 mm, 8 1/8 x 5 inches

Based on the classic "King Penguin" proportions, only larger. 

Pages - 48 (96 sides)


Size - 200 x 130 mm, 8 x 5 inches

Pages - 32 (64 sides)