Robert Wu - Marbled Graphics

Robert Wu is hand bookbinder and paper marbler based in Toronto, Canada.

Initially trained as an architect, he followed his passion in bookbinding and marbling and he now specialises in the French design fine-art bindings called Reliure d'Art.

Besides bookbinding and making traditional stationery, Robert also makes fine marbled paper for bookbinders, crafters, interior decorators, picture framers and day dreamers or collectors.

He coined the term Marbled Graphics™ for his marbling art graphics and these are the pieces we sell. More like pictorial works or mono prints, they differ from regular marbled papers which tend to feature repeat patterns or full sheet coverage. 

Collections of his works can be found worldwide at:

Fisher Rarebooks Library in Toronto, Harvard and Yale Universities, USA, Royal Ontario Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Each piece is a unique monoprint. We have one of each design for sale.