Martin Murphy Paper Embossings

In September an old boy visited us at VPCo Towers. He sat himself down and we proceeded to have a long chat.

Martin Murphy, it turns out is one of the most interesting people we have met.

He lives in Argyll, Scotland and spends his time pursuing the arts including (but not limited to) silver and goldsmithing, leather tanning, sculpture, watercolour, drawing, scrimshaw and wood carving.

martin murphy

Martin showing off his homemade bag made from home oak-tanned deerskin, eel and salmon.  

Most of his artistic output is preformed on 'found' or donated material including animal bones & skin, scrap paper, and "interesting" pieces of wood.

At the end of our most agreeable conversation I handed him a wodge of Brazilian vellum, waved him off and didn't expect to see or hear from him again. A few weeks later an envelope arrived and within were a bundle of his embossed works on paper.

Martin carves these patterns into various types of wood, mainly box and yew  and then embosses the patterns onto various papers.