MacGregor Handmade

Katie MacGregor entered into papermaking as an artist.  When the opportunity for an apprenticeship opened to her at Twinrocker Handmade Paper, she was pulled into the artistry of the craft.   

Katie’s papermaking production spans 37 years, which includes designing and producing custom papers for artists, fine book printers, calligraphers and conservation libraries.  Her work is divided into two main categories, conservation/restoration papers and custom handmades.  Katie’s production studio is located in rural Maine in the town of Whiting.   

MacGregor Handmade Papers are made from cotton (muslin or denim), abaca or blends of these fibers.  All coloring is done with aqua-dispersed pigments for light-fastness.  Waterleaf sheets are available upon request, but typically all papers are sized with archival internal sizing.

ABACA - Abaca is a paper making fibre also known as manila. Due to its strength, it is a sought after product and is the strongest of the natural fibers. It is used by the paper industry for such specialty uses such as tea bags, banknotes and decorative papers. It has great folding strength.