Japanese Hand Printed Papers

A selection of papers sourced directly from Japan. 

Chiyogami Yuzen - repeat patterns screen printed on both handmade and machine made lightweight paper. 

Originally made for decorating dolls in Japan these are now extensively used in the west for bookbinding, box covering, collage, decoupage and interior design including wall coverings.

Size - Full Sheet 64 x 97 cm, 25 x 38 inches


Katazomestenciled papers treated with Konyakku (a starchy substance) which gives the paper a water resistant, cloth-like texture and strength.

Katazome patterns are traditional patterns used in kimono design. These wonderful papers are suitable for framing.  

Size - 39 x 46 cm, 15 x 18 inches

£30 - £39

Sougara Yuzen - single scene, screen printed papers, often reproductions of wood block prints from the Edo period (late 1700s) including landscapes, costume, custom and ceremony.

Masterful examples of screen printing and colour registration. 

Size - Various (from 12 x 18 inches to 25 x 38 inches)

£16 - £44