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T-Tape for book repair. 5cm/2 inch wide
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T-Tape for book repair. 5cm/2 inch wide

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Self adhesive, acid-free book repair tape

Very simple to use, only basic skills required

Sold per metre (39 inches) in 8 colours

Tapes shown on a reel. 1 meter length purchases are sent flat and folded. 

5cm (2 inches) wide - mends 'normal' size paperback books

What does it do? 

Use this tape to repair a damaged book spine or strengthen a favourite book before it falls to bits. It can also be used to strengthen and repair the join immediately inside the book cover.
How does it work?
This is a self-adhesive book cloth made with an acid-free materials and backed with a strong, neutral pH adhesive. It comes with a removable silicone paper backing. Measure the length of tape required, cut to length, remove the paper backing to reveal the adhesive side and place onto the repair area. Then smooth it down to remove any air bubbles and to activate the adhesive and that's it. Very simple. 
Why is this the best product to mend my book/document?
This tape is used in museums and libraries around the world. Its acid-free qualities means that unlike sellotape and duct tape it will not go yellow and brittle and fall of after a few weeks. Other side effects of using acidic products are that the acids from these items can seep into the material you're trying to mend and cause further and often irreversible damage.
Book Repair Instructions
Book Repair Instructions

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