J Whatman Handmade Antique Paper

Antique and vintage handmade papers for printmaking, watercolour and fine-art.
Dated 1850s - 1960s. 

Made variously from linen and cotton rag, these are gelatin sized and of the highest possible quality. The condition of the papers are good to excellent with some sheets showing some minor signs of age.


There is no paper we know of which is as beautiful as J Whatman paper. 

J Whatman paper was used by the artists Constable, Rossetti, Picasso, Henry Moore, Thomas Gainsborough and J M W Turner. William Blake used Whatman paper for four of his illuminated books. Audubon's Birds of America was painted on Double Elephant J Whatman paper. Wellington wrote many of his famous dispatches on J Whatman paper and Napoleon sat on the island of St Helena and wrote his long and detailed will on J Whatman paper only three weeks before his death in 1821. George Washington signed many state documents on J Whatman paper and Queen Victoria chose J Whatman paper for her personal correspondence. In the 1930's Soviet leaders used the paper to publish their five year plan for the future of the USSR while the Peace Treaty with Japan was signed on Whatman paper at the close of World War Two.

The listings detail the size in mm, inches and traditional paper size (eg Medium, Imperial, Double Elephant etc.) The weight is in gsm and has been calculated by measuring and weighing the sheets

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